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Recent Works

Recent Works

Beaconsfield Library Exhibition, 2018

The large triptych, On the Boat, led me to paint more abstract images of the mysteries of the sea, emerging life, visible and unseen geographies.

Three panels, 60 x 133 inches, oil on canvas

The process and evolution of this painting can be seen in the video in the section About Ralph.

My Vision

Why I Draw and Paint

For me, painting and drawing is sign language for what I feel when I am in contact with the world. When I paint and draw I am responding with all of my senses. It can’t easily be put into words and often remains a mystery to me. I am interested in the contradictions and tensions in whatever subject attracts me. In making marks, questions emerge that lead me to further exploration.  

I have trained and worked in the theatre for more than thirty years and my special interests in how the body expresses itself and the use of masks has grown hand-in-hand with my work as a visual artist.

On the Boat
Family of Buffons

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If you would like more details about my background, education and practice, see About Ralph.


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