How did you become involved with the arts?
I have always been fascinated with the human form, gesture and movement along with their qualities of dramatic tension. As a young child, I loved drawing, moving from cartoons to mechanical drawing, sciences and settling on a career in the Theatre. I presently devote myself entirely to work as a visual artist.
I make images as my way of celebrating being alive. It involves my whole being, physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual. When I work, time ceases to exist. It was like that when I was acting in the theatre. A 30 minute scene seemed like a few seconds.
What subjects do you choose and why?
The subjects are simply what interests me. It is often people, gestures, movement, nature. The subject is merely the starting point for my exploration. The painting is rarely about the subject. I often don’t realize what it is really about until I am well into the work or even well after it is finished. It can be a bit disconcerting to realize that what you have done is very different from what you thought you set out to accomplish. I remember writing a play about a family enjoying playing cards but revealed some shocking aspects of their relationships which I hadn’t intended. It was the same way with my still life painting of my tennis shoes.
What media do you work in?
I work in several types of media and try to exploit whatever is going to help me in my exploration. I like to paint with oil because it is alive and comes through in layers. I also like acrylic because it allows immediate overpainting and can respond to the speed of thought changes. Sometimes I start in acrylic and paint over in oil.
You have often used the word exploration in describing your process. Does that imply that you don’t have a fixed destination?
Quite the contrary, I have an idea of where I want to go, but the process of exploring the  media, ideas, the dialogue is the journey and they say that getting there is half the fun. Actually, it is more than half the fun, but it is also more than half the pain, agony, struggle as well. When you plan a trip to Paris for example, you know where you are going and you may plan a detailed itinerary, but life seems to change things. The Paris that you actually get to may be a very different one that you thought you we going to see.

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